Department of Computer Engineering was established in 1987. The Department has procured latest equipments under World Bank Tech Ed. Ill Project. Its prime concern is to impart training to the students of Diploma in computer Engineering and other disciplines. The Department is being looked after by Mr. Inhas Ashraf. The Department is fully networked, and is presently having RF link of 128 Kbps from Software Technology Park of India, Srinagar. The Department has latest versions of Application and system Software. The Department is also conducting various short-term courses from time to time.

Courses Offered
  Long term courses :- 3-Year Diploma in Computer Engineering
  Short term course :-
1. 1 Year Technical Vocational Educational Training
2. 3 Months for Persons with disabilities
3. 4 Weeks Hardware and Networking
4. 1 Month Course in office assistance               5. 6 Months Advance Desktop Publishing Course
 Future Scope of Students

Our Students with Diploma in Computer Science and Technology can expect good career option in IT, depending on their career interests and skill development in this Institution.

They can look for jobs in hardware, networking, Web Designing, Database, Programming, etc. The Students after completing their Diploma in Computer Science can apply for a job in various MNC’s & BPO’s as they are well trained and skillful.

The Diploma qualification provides a good ground for students who wish to continue further with higher studies or take employment on completion, plenty of career opportunities exist in the IT industry.

Career Prospect of Our Computer Department Students:

• Computer industry.
• Financial services sector.
• Telecommunication industry.
• Biotech industry.
• E-commerce industry.
• Graphic design & Art.

They can find opening as software engineering’s, Software developers and programmers, hardware engineering’s. They can even find infinite opportunities in Web and Multimedia designing.


• Network support in maintenance of LAN
• Desktop support in companies.
• Computer Operator in Banking and finance
• Air Traffic Controller
• Electronics Billing System in surface and air transport.
• Software Developer
• Data Ware housing and mining.
• e-commerce professional
• Computer assembling and disassembling
• Database management and maintenance.
• P.C. Maintenance.
• I.T. Entrepreneur.
• I.T. professional
• Graphics Designer in Print media, Digital media etc.

Development/Testing Laboratories/Organizations

• Computer Networking
• Medical Lab. Testing
• Educational institutions
• Sales and Services of Computers


1. Main Computer Lab
2. Hardware Lab/Workshop
3  Unix Lab
4. Networking Lab
5. Programming Lab
6. Computer Org.& Microprocessor Lab

S NO. Name Designation
1 Inhas Ashraf I/C H.O.D
2 UlfatAra Demonstrator
3 ShabnumMohiud Din Demonstrator
4 NeelamSaleem Khan Demonstrator
5 RoshanAra Demonstrator
6 Jan MohdNajar Demonstrator
7 Mushtaq Ahmad Rather Lecturer-1 (A/A)
8 SakshiKhajuria Lecturer-1 (A/A)
9 Shaziaali Lecturer-1 (A/A)
10 AsimaShafi Demonstrator(A/A)
11 ShabnumJeelani Demonstrator(A/A)
12 Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat Lab Assistant
13 MohdSaleem Lab Assistant
14 Ms. Rubeena Lab Bearer
15 MohdIshaq Lab Bearer
16 Bilal Ahmad Lone Casual Labour



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