World Bank Project

The institution is being assisted by the World Bank underWorld Bank Technical Education-III Project.

  • Three year Diploma in Civil Engineering.
  • Three year Diploma in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Three year Diploma in Electrical Engineering.
From time to the following Diploma and Post Diploma courses were added to the curriculum.

  • Three Year Diploma in Automobile Engineering.
  • Three Year Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering.
  • Three Year Diploma in Computer Engineering.
With the assistance of World Bank Tech. Ed-III Project the following Diploma courses were added to the institution curriculum.

  • Three Year Diploma in Leather Technology.
  • Three Year Diploma in Wood Technology.
The institutional development has taken a new turn during the last 3-years under the assistance of World-Bank Tech-III Project along with other three Government Polytechnics of the Jammu and Kashmir state. Under the project following Components are undertaken:-

  • Capacity expansion.
  • Quality Enhancement.
  • Efficiency Improvement.
Under capacity expenses the following activities have been under taken till date

  • New Academic Area, Computer Labs, Workshops, Class Rooms under construction.
  • New additional Hostel under construction.
  • Residential space for faculty and staff under construction.
  • Continuing Education Programmes introduced.
Under the quality enhancement efficiency improvement following activities have been under taken.

  • Almost all faculty and staff members trained in various advanced courses.
  • Seven faculty members undergoing long term Higher degree programmes.
  • All the Labs/Workshops modernized.
  • Curriculum revised and made as per the present Industrial standards for all the courses.
  • Learning resources center with modern facilities i.e. equipment and LR established.
  • Library strengthen by providing modern and latest Books for all disciplines.
  • Training and placement cells established.
  • Computer center with modern facilities established.
  • Internet facility provided in the institution through STPI.
  • Video Conferencing facilities under process.
  • LAN established and all departments ,Administrative office interconnected.
  • Net working with institutions of repute under process.
  • MPECS for all disciplines under process.
  • Autonomy of institution under Process.
  • IRG scheme introduced.
As agreed under World Bank Tech -Ed-III Project, the Institute is mandated to do the following activities:

  • Liaison with Industry for development of Curricula, Evaluation of Students, Industrial training of Students / Staff / Faculty, industry based project work etc.
  • Introduction of MPECS (Multipoint Entry and Credit System).
  • Offering Continuing Education Programmers.
  • IRG (Internal Revenue Generation) to supplement the funds shortage.
  • Becoming autonomous through phases and Contributing Environmental development.
  • All the departments of Polytechnic will be developed as the centers of excellence. The highest standards of social, moral and ethical behaviour will be demonstrated by the staff and the students.
  • The institute will carry out the community development programmes to bring radical change in the Techno-economic scenario in rural areas and urban Slums.
  • The institute will introduce modern methods of Management Information and Network System (MINS) for ensuring effective and efficient working of the institute.
  • The Institute will explore new avenues for Internal Revenue Generation, which in turn will help in institutional development.
  • The institute will introduce Continuing Education Programmes to cater to the needs of the community and industry.
  • The institute will focus on upliftment of underprivileged sections of society.
  • The Institute will encourage the students to become successful entrepreneurs.
  • The Institute will strive to introduce degree level Programmes in Engineering and Technology.
  • The Institute will strive to get Autonomy.
  • The Institute will introduce FM- radio channel for propagating its programmes and for imparting distance learning.
  • The Institute will establish the Research and Development Cell.
  • The Institute will establish facilities for Web-based Learning, E-governance, Networking and interlinking with other institutions of excellence in and outside India.
  • In all such activities the institute shall have special focus on women development and the development of downtrodden and disabled people.
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