Hottest YouTube Trends of 2022

The popular video-sharing platform YouTube is unbeatable. It has more than 2 billion online users every single month, and that number doesn’t even factor in people who do have an account on the platform and don’t log in to the app. YouTube is so widely used that video themes are continuously shifting and developing on the platform. Consequently, whether you are a YouTube producer or just a casual viewer, staying up to date with these trends can assist you in remaining relevant among YouTube’s more comprehensive user community. In order to establish the most recent trends on YouTube in 2022, we conducted an analysis of videos from the last few months. 

Continue reading to find out the hottest trends of 2022. You need to start producing on your channel to ensure YouTube channel growth.

Challenge videos

Everyone likes a good test of their abilities showcased in YouTube challenge videos. They are fascinating to engage in and nearly always provide amusing entertainment. In addition, challenge videos, as opposed to ordinary uploads, often get more views, and growing your channel via their use is a quick and straightforward process. There are many different kinds of obstacles to overcome. Food-related ones, such as “Spicy Food vs Sweet Food,” are consistently among the most successful. Others include survival videos or 24-hour challenges.  And last but not least, the proven Couple’s Challenge videos.

YouTube shorts

Because of platforms like TikTok, short videos have completely overtaken longer ones as the most widely consumed kind of entertainment. It is really simple to get addicted to this. Who among us hasn’t found ourselves browsing video after video, losing track of hours? Since its launch in 2021, YouTube Shorts have quickly become one of the platform’s most popular content types among users from various demographic backgrounds. Shorts may be up to one minute long, and rather than posting them to their usual channel profiles, content producers publish these clips on the “Shorts” tab that has been specifically designated for that purpose.

Live videos

Over the last several years, live streaming has increased in popularity on YouTube. During the year 2020, for instance, the number of daily live streaming climbed by around 50 per cent, and a large percentage of live stream users felt that viewing live broadcasts assisted them in feeling more engaged during the pandemic. This pattern has persisted into the year 2022, and there are hundreds of live broadcasts available at any one moment covering a wide variety of subjects, not only gaming.

DIY videos

When you type “how to” on a YouTube search, you will see a list of recommended videos that cover a wide range of topics, from general how-tos to more specialised instructions like figuring out how to alter your screen name on Roblox. If you want to acquire a new skill, viewing videos is one of the greatest methods to do it; due to the incredible quantity of information available on YouTube, you can select from hundreds of different instructors for any subject you want to learn about.

These types of videos are the hottest trends on YouTube. Make similar content if you’re planning your next schedule of uploads on the platform.