The Most Powerful Blackholes in the Universe

The thought of black holes brings up memories of Star Wars, the Avengers, and other sci-fi fantasy books and movies. They usually bring up different reactions. For the thrill-seekers, they are intrigued by its mystery. For others, they are filled with dread by the mere thought of it.

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Hidden Chemicals in Food: Should You Avoid Them?

Is there any food or cereals that lack additives in this day and age? The use of additives is a common exercise by food manufacturers. The common use of chemicals and additives is to increase the shelf life of the product. Additionally, food manufacturers may use them to differentiate their products from the competition. Additives can change the taste, texture, and appearance of the product. Some of these substances might be safe for consumption and others have linked with health effects.

To help you maintain a proper diet (and possibly live a few more years), we compiled a list of the common chemicals and additives in food and which you should avoid.

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The Heat: Climate Change Challenging for 2021

There was a time that the effects of climate change were confined to books and dystopian movies. Regulatory bodies and environmental authorities made predictions, held seminars, and made policies that would help reduce climate change. And while governments gave the nod, there wasn’t much done on the ground.

Reports around the world can now attest to the effects of climate change. Weather patterns have been changing and ice caps have been melting. Over the past two years, bush fires have been the norm in Australia, North America, and Brazil. Long dry spells in Africa have led to millions being hungry and thirsty.

So, what should we expect in 2021?   

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Is it Possible to Predict Sudden Cardiac Death?

We have all probably heard of the story. A family friend or acquaintance was walking home from doing groceries or from work when they suddenly dropped down dead. Rushed to the hospital, they were pronounced dead on arrival. The course of death? Sudden Cardiac Death, also known as SCD. It is the cause of millions of deaths on an annual basis. And in most cases (estimated to be around 90%), the result is fatal. Those who survive are the lucky ones.

Most of the survivors of SCD will testify of no underlying health problems. SCD also attacks young and active children. With its wide range of victims and unpredictability, scientists, doctors, and researchers have been looking into ways of predicting the attack of an SCD. Below is a summary of the findings.

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The Amazing Science Tricks Using Liquid

Are you here after seeing the trick on your social media feed where Coca-Cola explodes after some Mentos sweets are added to it? Tempted to do something similar or maybe something a bit more subtle? Science appeals to the young and naughty child in all of us; call it a mix of DeeDee and Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory. You can also use either of the following tricks for your next Chemistry class. And the good thing about it is you can get to impress your friends and classmates with only a few and very affordable ingredients.

Excited? Well so are we! Put on your nutty professor white coat and let’s get to it!

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