Tools Which Improve your Chiropractic Practice

Maintaining your chiropractic practice can be challenging and requires a profound skill set. Moreover, if you manage your own chiropractic facility, you will need specific tools and devices to ensure safe and efficient services to your clients. To help you figure out what items will assist in your craft, we have compiled a list of necessary equipment below. 

Chiropractic Tables

Patient tables are important in any office. Some things can’t be done without physical contact or proper body alignment. For example, if you want the Gonstead technique to realign the spine of the patient, you can’t do it when they are sitting down. You have to feel the disposition of the spine before making any adjustments. Tables, in this case, make the task easier.

The patient has to lie down, on their stomach or their back, for proper analysis by the expert.

Activator Adjustment Tool

We are still on the back and neck. These areas are really sensitive parts of the body and need a cautious approach when dealing with vertebrae. These are small discs that are collectively in the back. To avoid human error using the hand or any other human force, the activator adjustment tool chips in. Instead of using the high velocity and low thrust method- also known as the diversified technique- we use this hand-held machine.

The machine is effective since it is fast so that the muscle fibers on the neck or back can hardly respond to its speed. This means treatment is least resisted. Also, force is measured and controlled. Meaning that vertebrae are rarely in a compromised position.

X-Ray Machines

Chiropractic needs to have an idea of how to read an X-ray sheet. This can be important before making adjustments so that they cannot worsen the current problem or create another issue for other people. The process ought to be keenly investigated and come up with accurate conclusions and observations. If you are not sure of what you see, consult other members in your field or send the patient to a physician.


Touch has become infectious ever since the last year. The COVID-19 pandemic has eliminated the human touch from all walks of life, except maybe in relationships. Otherwise, you are jeopardizing your life and that of the patient. To mitigate the problem, technology has come to our rescue.

There are machines now used with the analysis of a computer to measure the vertebra’s motion rigidity and fluidity. It also will help you and your patient to have one-on-one conversations and pinpoint the accurate result received from the procedure.

While we are on the matter of computers and technology, we should highlight the need for chiropractic billing services. These services may come in handy when it comes to the billing of your patient, the insurance company.

Bonus: safe hands

When we say hands, we are talking about how you handle the patient. Do not be so rough and intimidating. Always ask if the patient is feeling alright or is comfortable with how you are handling their body.